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    Innovation Platform

  • The Need for Innovation in Renewable Energy!

    The world is choking on the waste products of our Conventional Energy Sources! The by-products of Conventional Energy Sources are polluting our environment & killing all species on Planet earth – Humans included! In such a dire situation, Renewable Energy Sources are a ray of hope for a clean and healthy future! Renewable Energy Sources are increasingly contributing to the Energy Needs of the world. However, Innovation is still needed to ensure that Renewable energy sources become the largest contributor to the energy needs of the world! THE REC Innovation platform will empower student innovators in the field of Renewable Energy.

    Launch event - REC Innovation Platform
    29 January, 2018
    3 p.m - 4 P.m

    Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) Innovation Platform

    The Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) Innovation Platform for Renewable Energy will be executed by Kestone Integrated Marketing Services (KIMS). The Innovation platform will extend support and mentoring to 30 Government Institutions across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Students in the selected Government Institutions will be taken through a rigorous Conceptual Research Experience Program and will be mentored on the finer points of Research and Innovation in the field of Renewable Energy. Dedicated Research mentors will mentor student research teams towards innovations in Renewable Energy ranging from Solar Energy and Wind Energy to Geothermal Energy, alternative bio fuels and many more! The best Research teams will be felicitated in an exclusive event and will get an exclusive opportunity to develop their innovations into startups!

    1800 young college

    600 Projects focused
    on energy innovation

    30 Projects selected
    for advanced mentoring

    3 Projects selected for

    Benefits of the Innovation Platform

    For Institutions

    • Creating an Innovation culture
    • Better student Outcomes
    • Pride & Recognition
    • Success Stories

    For Teachers

    • Facilitators to Innovation
    • Professional Growth

    For Students

    • Critical and Creative Thinking
    • Analytical and Reasoning Skills
    • Research oriented thinking
    • Career Growth

    Key Outcomes

    Conference Presentations
    Concept Papers

    Peer Reviewed
    Research papers



    Spotlight for 2017

    Israel – The Startup Nation

    The transformation of Israel into one of the most innovative countries in the world is nothing short of a miracle – from their model of desert agriculture to their recent metamorphosis into a high-tech super power. Israel has more Nasdaq-listed companies than any country barring US and China. It has more venture capital per capita and more startups than any other country in the world. Research and development (R&D) is a thrust area for the country, which also has more scientists and tech professionals than any other nation. In fact, as the Mayor likes to point out, the city itself is a start-up. It was built from scratch in the desert, outside the old Arab city of Jaffa, or Yafo as it is now called, over the last 100 years. Tel Aviv is now ranked as the fifth most robust start-up ecosystem in the world, according to a study by research firm Compass.

    At MeltingPot2020 we shall have a special spotlight session comprising of bureaucrats and officials from Israel and India to exchange insights and share lessons that each can learn from the other in their quest to become the hub for global innovation.

    REC came into being in 1969 to articulate a response to the pressing exigencies of the nation. During the time of severe drought, the leaders sought to reduce the dependency of agriculture on monsoons by energizing agricultural pump-sets for optimized irrigation.

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    Its been 20 years that we are into Integrated Sales   Marketing services. That translates into doing everything which can help you sell more and sell better. From creating awareness about your business to nurturing your prospects and making them your brand advocates.

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